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PnG is an interior design company founded by a designer from London who specializes in creating stunning, personalized residential interiors. Whether you have purchased a property and wish to maximize its potential or whether you wish to upgrade your existing property, PnG has the experience and expertise to transform your living space into a highly functional and funky representation of your style and tastes.

We place absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of our clients for a personalized service delivered to an uncompromisingly high standard.

We take an intelligent and considerate approach to design that result in a well-resolved balance between style and usability. The beauty of our exceptional designs is that we maximize both functionality and aesthetics.

PnG's designers focuses on detail, quality, and at the same time offers our clients value. Every one of our designs is completely bespoke. We take time to understand the life that fills our environment - what matters to you; your family, their routines - then we shape structures and introduce design details that make living easier, and more enjoyable. Underpinning the decorative aspects of interior design is our expert understanding of the structure of your property.

Our constant goal is flawless service. Guided by your requests and routines, we transform your property into a perfect living space. Above all, our designs are guided by your needs, your wishes and our expert interpretation of your lifestyle. PnG begins and ends every project by aligning plans for your living environment with lifestyle. We never impose our ideas, instead preferring to observe and enquire about what matters to you most - anything from your workday routines through to your domestic dreams. The result is a living environment that is unique to you and in which you'll immediately feel at ease.

We believe in not just designing, but creating spaces that beams class. Doors are primary to success of any structure, as they create an instant impact that reflects your taste . We design and create your gateway to success, as you always wanted it to be like, right from scratch. We have only been happier, to give life and meaning to those pieces of woods.

Be it hospitals,hotels,restaurants,tank doors for Pooja room or your office we are the manufacturers for all.

You always wanted to have one of those very, inviting kitchen you see in the magazines? We know how disappointed you were, when getting that perfect wardrobe seemed no less than war. How about having "that" table finally, where you can sip coffee and have endless talks just about anything, sitting on the cot?

Yes we design and create all of this, just the way you want them, catered rightly to your needs.

We Manufacture:

  • Doors for Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Teak wood doors for Pooja Rooms and Offices
  • Modular furniture for kitchen, wardrobes
  • Bespoke furnitures - Cots & Tables
  • Specialize in Headboards

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